Understanding How To Login IP Address

Have you ever encountered the “About” section of your phone or “ipconfig” from the command prompt of your computer? Then, there is a possibility you might have come across something like 192.168.o.1 ? Ever given a thought what are these four numbers separated by decimals? Do they have any utility?

Understanding IP Address: Right from the Basics:

Yes, they do! These are called IP addresses and are assigned to your device to allow communication over the internet when connected to a network. While using a private network like a wireless network for your home, the IP address gets assigned to your device via the Internet Service provider. Since the network provider is responsible for letting you access the internet, it’s their responsibility to designate the address to you too.

  • The unique thing about IP address is that no two devices can share the same address, thereby making it absolutely unique.
  • There may be a case when an IP conflict gets detected, in that case, either one of the units connected to that network gets unstable or loses the network connection.
  • However, there are no restrictions for the same IP address to be used across two different networks or more to allow communication over the internet.

Determining Your IP Address:

Well, there are multiple ways in which this can be done!

In the case of a computer connected to the internet over a private network, every device would have both the private IP address of the router and a public IP. While knowledge of public IP is rarely required only in scenarios where some troubleshooting needs to be done or a remote connection with your computer needs to be established.

Determining one’s public IP address

There can be different ways to perform the same task, yet we are going to unleash the easiest way out there. Open Google and type “my IP” over the search bar. Or another way round, make use of specific websites like whatsmyip.org to unleash your public IP address.

Steps to determine your Private IP address:

  • Open Command prompt by pressing windows key + R
  • Type ipconfig to display a list of all connections
  • Remember, the private IP address is determined by IPv4 that lets any third party contact you over the internet.

Configuring Router’s IP

An IP address is used by router manufacturers to allow users access the factory configuration settings. It is also helpful in cases where there is a need to troubleshoot to rectify networking problems. Though the router’s IP address comes pre-set from the manufacturer itself, it can be changed as per need by using an admin console. For example: In the case of an IP conflict as mentioned before, you would like to ensure there are no duplicates!

All you need is to enter the IP address within the admin console of the router like Any router irrespective of its brand or configuration can be set to use this default IP address, provided that no other device connected to the internet is using it at the same time as that could lead to IP address conflict.