Understanding How To Login IP Address

Have you ever encountered the “About” section of your phone or “ipconfig” from the command prompt of your computer? Then, there is a possibility you might have come across something like 192.168.o.1 ? Ever given a thought what are these four numbers separated by decimals? Do they have any utility?

Understanding IP Address: Right from the Basics:

Yes, they do! These are called IP addresses and are assigned to your device to allow communication over the internet when connected to a network. While using a private network like a wireless network for your home, the IP address gets assigned to your device via the Internet Service provider. Since the network provider is responsible for letting you access the internet, it’s their responsibility to designate the address to you too.

  • The unique thing about IP address is that no two devices can share the same address, thereby making it absolutely unique.
  • There may be a case when an IP conflict gets detected, in that case, either one of the units connected to that network gets unstable or loses the network connection.
  • However, there are no restrictions for the same IP address to be used across two different networks or more to allow communication over the internet.

Determining Your IP Address:

Well, there are multiple ways in which this can be done!

In the case of a computer connected to the internet over a private network, every device would have both the private IP address of the router and a public IP. While knowledge of public IP is rarely required only in scenarios where some troubleshooting needs to be done or a remote connection with your computer needs to be established.

Determining one’s public IP address

There can be different ways to perform the same task, yet we are going to unleash the easiest way out there. Open Google and type “my IP” over the search bar. Or another way round, make use of specific websites like whatsmyip.org to unleash your public IP address.

Steps to determine your Private IP address:

  • Open Command prompt by pressing windows key + R
  • Type ipconfig to display a list of all connections
  • Remember, the private IP address is determined by IPv4 that lets any third party contact you over the internet.

Configuring Router’s IP

An IP address is used by router manufacturers to allow users access the factory configuration settings. It is also helpful in cases where there is a need to troubleshoot to rectify networking problems. Though the router’s IP address comes pre-set from the manufacturer itself, it can be changed as per need by using an admin console. For example: In the case of an IP conflict as mentioned before, you would like to ensure there are no duplicates!

All you need is to enter the IP address within the admin console of the router like Any router irrespective of its brand or configuration can be set to use this default IP address, provided that no other device connected to the internet is using it at the same time as that could lead to IP address conflict.

Experts converge in Ottawa to shape the future direction of stroke, from October 3-5, 2019

WHAT: Hundreds of stroke experts from Canada and around the world converge in Ottawa to brainstorm strategies to eradicate the impact of stroke, showcase the latest research breakthroughs − and hear more than 100 speakers highlight innovations in basic science, prevention, treatment and recovery. Congress delegates return home to their labs and stroke practices armed with new tools and knowledge that will help prevent stroke, reduce disability and save lives.

WHY: Stroke is a medical emergency. It is the third leading cause of death in Canada and a leading cause of disability. Stroke can happen at any age.

WHERE: Shaw Centre, Ottawa, ON


  • Leading stroke experts: Available to talk about the impact of stroke, why it matters to all Canadians, and give highlights of the research discoveries and revolutionary ideas being presented at the 2019 Congress.
  • Congress researchers and presenters: The presenters featured below are available to talk about their Congress presentations and their impactful work in the area of stroke.
  • Stroke survivors: Available to share their stroke and recovery stories.

QUOTES: The Canadian Stroke Congress

“The Canadian Stroke Congress is a catalyst for partnerships, collaboration and new ideas, all aimed at improving the health of Canadians. In bringing together frontline clinicians, researchers, patients and others to collaborate, learn and fuel new ideas, it plays a major role in transforming stroke care here and around the world. Experts return home to their labs and stroke practices armed with new tools and knowledge which will improve stroke prevention, treatment and recovery for all.”
Dr. Sean Dukelow, co-chair, Canadian Stroke Congress

“The threat of stroke is urgent. There is a stroke every nine minutes in Canada and it is responsible for 13,000 deaths each year. As the Canadian population ages, and more young people are having strokes, the number of people living with stroke and requiring support will continue to increase. The evolving scientific evidence shared at the Canadian Stroke Congress will inform and continue to shape the future of stroke ─ and save lives.”
Dr. Patrice Lindsay, director of stroke, Heart & Stroke


  • A stroke is a sudden loss of brain function.
  • 62,000 strokes occur in Canada each year – that is one stroke every nine minutes.
  • Each year, more than 13,000 Canadians die from stroke.
  • 80% of people survive stroke.
  • Brain cells die at a rate of 1.9 million per minute after stroke.
  • After stroke 60% are left with some disability; 40% require more intense rehabilitation and support.
  • More than 400,000 Canadians live with long-term disability from stroke and this will almost double in the next 20 years.
  • Stroke can happen at any age. Stroke among people under 65 is increasing and stroke risk factors are increasing for young adults.

The Congress is being held in Ottawa, ON from October 3-5, 2019. Follow us on Twitter @strokecongress, #CdnStrokeCongress.


Statements and conclusions of study authors are solely those of the study authors and do not necessarily reflect H&S or CSC policy or position. Heart & Stroke and the Canadian Stroke Consortium make no representation or warranty as to their accuracy or reliability.

Canadian Stroke Congress
Co-hosted by Heart & Stroke and the Canadian Stroke Consortium, the Canadian Stroke Congress is a uniquely Canadian forum for experts to share the latest research findings, exchange ideas, and make the connections which will change the future of stroke. It brings together researchers, neurologists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, policy makers, health system decision makers – and many others – in an unprecedented opportunity to improve the brain health of Canadians. (strokecongress.ca)

Canadian Stroke Consortium

The Canadian Stroke Consortium is the professional organization for stroke neurologists, leading continuing education, advocacy and research for healthcare professionals. (strokeconsortium.ca)

Heart & Stroke

More moments. More life. That’s why Heart & Stroke leads the fight against heart disease and stroke. Powered by donors and volunteers, we fund life-saving research and help Canadians lead healthier lives. (heartandstroke.ca)


FaceTime for PC Windows (10/8.1/7) Download Latest Version!!

Whoever likes to have a video visit or video phone call with individuals they think about and work with certainly require FaceTime for PC. FaceTime is a pre-stacked utilization of iOS mobiles and it is given as a matter of course in Macbook Pro, iMac and other Mac gadgets. This application is allowed to utilize and can be utilized on general WiFi web association. Here in this specific Curious guide I will demonstrate the correct strides for the theme of Downloading Facetime for PC/Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 for nothing.

FaceTime is in a perfect world a medium to share and trade words by means of video correspondence. It requires just individuals who extremely needed to converse with each other all alone Desktops over WiFi/general web association of normal speed. In a solitary word we can depict FaceTime for PC application as Face to Face video visiting application.

FaceTime For PC Complete Step By Step Course

FaceTime on Windows 10 or Windows other working frameworks like Windows 8/8.1/7 or XP with your Computer Desktop/Laptop is settled on my article. In the event that you wish to share data on watching films on your PC while having a video discussion utilizing FaceTime, you have choices to discuss MegaBox HD for PC for getting Megabox HD.

Refreshed: Working strategy for Facetime for PC with iPadian iOS emulator is clarified here. Read painstakingly to get this marvelous talking application.

Strategy 1: Download Facetime on Laptop/PC with iPadian

Above all else, download ipadian to your Computer/Laptop.

Go to App store and look for Facetime

Introduce application to your iPadian programming and utilize it when you need to visit with your accomplice.

Declaimer: Facetime isn’t accessible authoritatively for PC/Laptop. This article is distributed and entirely stick to instructive reason. This technique is working fine for everybody. Following this guide is your decision. We are not in charge of any harm.

To download Facetime on PC, first you should refresh your Computer/Laptop with most recent Antivirus accessible. Take after above system to introduce facetime effectively.

Apple had made this application only for their clients. You can’t straightforwardly utilize FaceTime for Windows as this application isn’t accessible. However, you can get this application on Mac frameworks. On the off chance that you demand me to give other best choices of Facetime then I a chance to will discuss Hangouts, Facebook ambassador, Skype, Viber, IMO and Tango application.

Technique 2: Facetime Best Alternatives For PC

As we were talking prior that it can’t be introduced authoritatively on Windows working frameworks then we have to proceed onward for best options of Facetime for PC. I will disclose a typical strategy to download any video calling application in the coming post.

options of facetime for pc

Stage 1: Download Bluestacks Android player to your PC from here. (Methodology is given there)

Stage 2: Open introduced Android player and scan for applications like Skype, FB ambassador, Viber, Tango and IMO.

Stage 3: Click on the application that was given on the screen.

Stage 4: Install Video calling application that you sought from Play store.

Additionally Check: Retrica Camera application for PC

Try not to stress on not having this iOS application for your PC. You can attempt some other given applications on your Desktop. On the off chance that you are utilizing Mac PC at that point there is an immediate programming is given from Apple designers to your gadget. I trust you can look and introduce other helpful video call applications utilizing Bluestacks.

Happy New Year 2018 Wishes & Quotes – New Year Images HD

New Year is without a moment to spare. We will soon be drenched in the festivals of the New Year. New Year is simply an opportunity to enhance to be a superior individual. It is an ideal opportunity to make truly great resolutions life. It has been a convention in many parts of the world to make resolutions and take pledges on the New Year day. Many individuals make guarantees and make resolutions on the New Year 2019 Quotes day. There are horrendous loads of things that individuals make their resolutions on. The most widely recognized resolutions that best the rundown or to get in shape, improve fiscally, contemplate better and so forth.

As the New Year is ideal around the bend every one of the general population have been looking for New Year resolutions. In spite of the fact that resolutions are something that an individual need to choose, individuals do take the assistance of the web indexes to settle on their resolutions. As we said before, it is taken after as a convention in many parts of the world. Individuals make guarantees to do a demonstration of self-change in the coming year. Some consider it important and work to accomplish their resolutions while others simply overlook it the following day.

Funny Happy New Year 2018 Resolution Ideas for Friends and Family:

New Year is considered as another open door by many individuals. Individuals wake up and make some careful resolutions to act better the coming year. In spite of the fact that not all individuals give their best in satisfying their resolutions, few do their best to influence their resolutions to succeed. Scarcely any resolutions last deep rooted until the point when the thing is accomplished while couple of resolutions simply run down the deplete with time. As New Year is on deck many individuals must contemplate the resolutions to make on the New Year. On the off chance that you are one among them and need a few recommendations to choose the New Year resolutions then we are for the most part prepared to enable you to individuals. We have stacked some commendable New Year resolutions for you. They are rattled off underneath. Investigate!

1. Get fit as a fiddle: Losing weight is the best determination for Americans, and joined with “practice more” and “remain fit and sound” it is something that over 33% of the populace wishes to accomplish. It’s sufficiently simple to begin an activity and eating regimen program, yet the trap is to locate an OK one that will give you enduring outcomes and will be anything but difficult to stick to over the long haul. Observe these traps, hacks, activities and missteps to maintain a strategic distance from to make the best our of your determination.

2. Begin eating more beneficial sustenance, and less nourishment generally speaking: This is normally an augmentation of the past determination. Changing to a more advantageous eating routine can be inconceivably precarious when we are encompassed by shoddy garbage sustenance. Notwithstanding, with a decent measure of assurance and some essential tips you can gradually create more beneficial dietary patterns. Figure out how to control passionate eating, know about explanations behind eating regimens to come up short, make utilization of these traps and observe these magnificent and sound formulas.

3. Quit hesitating: The greatest hindrance that shields the vast majority from achieving their objectives is the want to unwind and accomplish something fun as opposed to buckling down. When you receive used to delaying it’s hard to snap yourself in return, so you’ll have to put in a considerable measure of work to change this unfortunate propensity. There are numerous helpful hints out there to discover your approach to quit delaying. There are additionally apparatuses which can enable you to accomplish this undertaking.

4. Enhance your fixation and mental abilities: People have been endeavoring to discover approaches to enhance their concentration and psychological capacities with regards to a large number of years, and most old developments had some blend of mental exercise and natural pharmaceutical to enable them to achieve this objective. Today we can utilize anything from applications to old contemplation strategies to help focus and sharpen our mental abilities. On the off chance that you proceed with this, you will have the capacity to control your mind-set, learn quicker and have less demanding time-taking care of issues.

5. Turn out to be more neighborly: Good behavior have dependably been a critical piece of a humanized society. They make it less demanding to associate with others, abstain from culpable individuals and will guarantee that others see you as a decent and reliable individual. So know the behavior, be readied or different conduct in different nations, manage inconsiderate individuals in the correct way and figure out how to state no.

6. Lessen stretch: They say that anxiety is one of the greatest executioners out there, and it can have an extremely damaging impact on your connections and in addition your wellbeing. It might be an unavoidable reaction of our frenzied current ways of life, however it can be adequately made do with the assistance of helpful, capricious and simple to rehearse traps for push administration.

7. Figure out how to be more joyful with your life: Even those that are fit as a fiddle, bring home the bacon and have worry under control can at present be troubled. It requires investment and persistence to figure out how to discover happiness in the easily overlooked details and not to give issues a chance to cut you down.

New Year resolutions are for the most part gone for accomplishing our here and now and long haul objectives. They are viewed as vital by numerous while futile by numerous others. It’s certainly a smart thought to make a determination on the Happy New Year 2018 Resolutions Ideas day, yet what expands its value is whether we stick to it till the end or not. Unless and until the point when we accomplish what we need to accomplish, we need to adhere to our determination regardless. It is hard, might be hard, yet in the event that we influenced a guarantee to ourselves to that we will accomplish something this year, we need to stick to it at any cost. We must be resolved such that we should simply wait on the resolutions we make till the very end. We are no chance done until the point when we accomplish them. We need to set up our psyches to be of such kind. We have brought before you the best New Year resolutions. You can investigate and pick your most loved one and keep them as your determination on New Year eve. You can likewise impart these resolutions to your companions on social stages.

Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Top Pressure Washers & Tests

Few people prefer washing machines nonetheless it’s fantastic to understand just how to clean your vehicle. This is accomplished with or with a pressure washer dryer. Many folks would rather work with a pressure washer, so it’s a fast and simple to scrub off the vehicle. Best Pressure Washer 2018 But the others, notably automotive enthusiasts, do not like having a pressure washer for washing an automobile. They think that it hurts the paint finish.

With a pressure washer to your own undercarriage could be your quickest method of cleaning up it and also you also don’t have some paint finish to fret about.

If you’re likely to clean your car or truck by means of a pressure washer, then you should make use of the pressure-washer along with a couple of car washing fittings. It’s perhaps not totally required touse car washing accessories nevertheless they allow it to be both easier and simpler to scrub your vehicle having a pressure washer dryer. Be aware that the majority of electric pressure washers are more powerful enough to washing your own vehicle. Actually, the majority of these are able to hurt the paint in the event that you’re careless. If you don’t know what it is you are doing, then you always need to utilize less than 1, 000 PSI when washing your own vehicle. Frequently 400 PSI is plenty of, it’s still ten times higher compared to the usual hose.

A rotating brush is just one of the most useful of manners to eliminating dirt. Use a pressure washer using a spray container so it is possible to combine hair shampoo with water. Do not use soap or washing liquid, so they can remove wax. Be aware that having more shampoo than recommended won’t enhance the outcome.

Always clean your vehicle in the space. Start using the hint of the lance four feet from the car or truck. If more power is needed, then proceed vigilantly just a tiny bit nearer to the vehicle. Always spray at an angle, so this also reduces the pressure and can be less insecure compared to if you spray directly towards the vehicle.

If your auto is very dirty, use water, beginning from the base and working upward, to get rid of dust and blue. Then wash off the vehicle with hair shampoo, beginning with the very top and working downwards.

Be aware that if some pressure washer is good for cleaning the brakes, then you may damage the faces of the wheels in the event you spray higher pressure entirely onto the faces of the tires.

With a hose, sponge and bucket can be potential but a pressure washer is quite a bit more successful your hose. Reviewsgeek.org Be aware the rubber bucket is quite a bit safer, metal may scratch the paint work.

Be aware that lots of regional governments have placed restrictions on washing machine. Make certain you know that the regional rules on your neighborhood before washing your own vehicle.

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars! This year’s Congress will be held in Ottawa from October 3-5, 2019.

How you can earn your own Bitcoins? buy bitcoins online with paypal

Bitcoins are slowly, but steadily gaining more popularity as people are discovering the uses and benefits of using Bitcoins as a form of payment method. Earlier, it would have been almost impossible to make intra country transactions due to several factors; no stable payment method, different currencies, etc.

However, with the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, a group of unknown programmers made a worldwide cryptocurrency and method of digital payments come to life. Currently, there are over 100,000 vendors and merchants who accept Bitcoin as an acceptable form of payment. Bitcoins can be spent using a virtual wallet, where owners have to use a corresponding private key in order to make transactions. The network nodes of the bitcoin network verify the transactions, which are then displayed and added to the existing group of transactions known as a blockchain. These transactions are made on a public ledger, and are visible to everyone, as there is no central administrator for Bitcoin. buy bitcoins online with paypal.

Bitcoins can now be used to exchange currencies, as well as purchase products and services. If you want to find out how you can earn your own Bitcoins and make more transactions, here are some of the steps you can follow:

  1. One of the most traditional and easiest ways to earn more Bitcoins is by mining. This refers to the process of processing and verifying transactions, creating blocks. For every block created (in 2009), a miner would earn 50 Bitcoins. Currently, the rates are running at 12.5 bitcoins for every block mined. For those smart minds who are able to solve the computation problems, bitcoins can be earned as rewards, which can be spent suitably according to the miners personal choice. However, this method of earning bitcoins is outdated and not very profitable.
  2. If you think you are simply not cut out for mining bitcoins, you could apply for a job working at bitcoins. There are several other positions where an individual could work in the world of cryptocurrency. One of the best parts about working for this company is that you can earn Bitcoins by working as a freelancer for this company. This gives you the luxury of working at your own time and pace, while continuing to work in any other organization without any hassle. Once the acceptance of bitcoin increases, many other companies will start offering bitcoins as a regular form of payment.
  3. Another easy way in which you can earn more Bitcoins is to offer a product or service in exchange for Bitcoins. You can do this by either offering bitcoin as a method of payment and transaction for your products and services (at a hotel, restaurant, a store, etc). You can also do this by selling your products or services on the Bitcoin page as a merchant, accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. You can use your Bitcoin address to complete transactions and earn bitcoins for your products and services.
  4. You could earn bitcoins by boosting your skills in trading. Earning cryptocurrency via trading is not an old concept, and you can use sites such as CEX.IO to buy bitcoins via bank transfer or payment cards. However, bitcoin trading can be high risk, and can be compared to gambling. By learning more about trading in bitcoins, you could decrease your risk and start earning Bitcoins.
  5. You can also try your luck in bitcoin gambling, casino games and bitcoin faucets. However these options can be a high investment, high risk option. Often, individuals can end up losing more money than expected, thus is it recommended to have some form of initial capital before entering into such risky ventures.

Just like any other form of earning, bitcoins have their risks and advantages as well. While some methods require pure luck, others require skill and patience.

TubeMate App for iOS : Download Version

TubeMate application for iPhone: One the fundamental issue that the majority of the general population are confronting is that for downloading YouTube recordings we can’t download then download Showbox Apk to watch movies free and YouTube recordings with no downloader. With a specific end goal to download YouTube video, you require outsider programming or Apps to download anything from YouTube site. very intriguing right? On the off chance that you have iPhone then here is about TubeMate application for iPhone.

Presently I have turned out with an answer for downloading any recordings from YouTube; there is an application which is truly outstanding and most loved applications called TubeMate apk which is furnished with incredible highlights, and you can without much of a stretch download any recordings from YouTube and spare it to your gadget.

Steps To Download and Install TubeMate application for iPhone?

Presently I am will specify a few stages for downloading TubeMate App on your iPhone gadget. You simply need to take after the means deliberately. The means are given beneath.

  • Most importantly, you need to ensure that your web association is associated with your iPhone gadget.
  • Besides, you need to open iTunes on your iPhone gadget or iPad gadget.
  • When you opened iTunes on your iPhone, you simply need to scan for TubeMate for iPhone gadget.
  • In the wake of writing TubeMate App on your gadget, it will consequently show up on your iPhone screen.
  • After that simply tap on it, and you will see an introduce alternative in your screen.
  • Presently simply tap on introduce choice, and it will naturally get downloaded and introduced on your gadget.
  • While downloading TubeMate App you need to sit tight for some time until the point when it gets effectively introduced in your Smartphone however ensure that your information association is still empowered.
  • At long last, your TubeMate App for iPhone will get accurately introduced on your gadget, and the symbol of TubeMate App will show up on your home screen.
  • Presently you can begin downloading your most loved recordings by opening your TubeMate App and spare it in your Smartphone.

iTube App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) – Download Updated Version

iTube iphone  : iTube is extraordinary compared to other Video Player with amazing parts like separated watching, playlist chief et cetera. This application is definitely not hard to use which enhances it far than some extraordinary applications.


In this very article, I have shared the means for downloading TubeMate App for iPhone or iPad gadget. I have additionally said the showbox app,  with that app you can watch movies online fro free, and I trust you will likewise get entrancing by utilizing this showbox App on iPhone.

As I have just said before that you will locate somewhat hard to download this App in your iPhone gadget since it isn’t authoritatively accessible for iPhone or iPad. Be that as it may, I have effectively given you a few aides for introducing TubeMate App on your iPhone gadget, so simply take after the means deliberately.

Download & Install WhatsApp on an iPad [Updated Version]

WhatsApp Messenger is an unbelievably mainstream application for the iPhone, interfacing more than one billion dynamic individuals around the globe consistently. It gives you a chance to send messages to your companions, or to gatherings of companions, over Wi-Fi or 4G, in this way saving money on your telephone charge (despite the fact that you may at present wind up paying for the information on the off chance that you go over your farthest point!).

The pitiful thing is that the application is accessible for iPhone. There isn’t one for the iPad or iPod touch.

Be that as it may, don’t lose hope. In this instructional exercise, we demonstrate to you best practices to utilize WhatsApp Messenger on the iPad (or iPod touch) utilizing WhatsApp Web. This associates with the WhatsApp account on your iPhone and advances the messages on to your iPad, enabling you to send and get messages, pictures and recordings. It’s not local WhatsApp on the iPad, but rather it’s the following best thing.

Past this, designers have volunteered wrap the WhatsApp Web usefulness into a scope of applications with differing highlights, including warnings.

How to use WhatsApp on an iPad

In case you’re hoping to get to WhatsApp for iPad through WhatsApp Web, there are two approaches to do as such: either by means of Safari, or an outsider application on the App Store.

WhatsApp Web

Here’s the means by which to get to the administration by means of Safari:

Stage 1) Open Safari on your iPad and make a beeline for web.whatsapp.com. After stacking the page, you’ll see that it doesn’t take you to the WhatsApp Web interface however rather takes you to the WhatsApp landing page.

Stage 2) Tap on the URL and swipe down to get to the ‘best drawer’ of the top picks menu that shows up when writing a web address. You should see an alternative that says ‘Load desktop site’ – tap it.

Stage 3) The page should reload and show the natural WhatsApp Web interface showing the QR code to combine with your iPhone. Utilizing your iPhone, make a beeline for Settings > WhatsApp Web and output the QR code to combine the two gadgets.

Instructions to introduce and utilize WhatsApp on an iPad: WhatsApp Web

Stage 4) Success! The page should reload and show all your current messages alongside any media or voice notes sent to you.

It’s significant that there are a couple of confinements when utilizing this workaround.

The primary constraint is that you can’t send voice notes, as the program isn’t formally bolstered by WhatsApp (despite the fact that you should even now have the capacity to play them).

The second confinement is that not at all like when the administration is utilized on a Mac or PC, warnings from web programs aren’t upheld on iOS thus you won’t get notices of approaching messages. Aside from that and a couple of little bugs, nonetheless, the administration is entirely simple to utilize and an extraordinary option for most WhatsApp clients.

Outsider WhatsApp Web applications

In fact, utilizing WhatsApp Web through Safari on an iPad isn’t an awesome ordeal since it wasn’t outlined with the iPad (or Safari, besides!) as a main priority. Designers acknowledged there was a hole in the market for an awesome WhatsApp Web application for the iPad, and we’ve been seeing applications show up in the App Store from that point forward.


In this way, in case you’re searching for something somewhat more premium (some outsider applications offer notices and that’s just the beginning, however at a value) investigate any semblance of Messenger for WhatsApp and Chat for WhatsApp. We used to prescribe Messenger+ for WhatsApp as the best accessible, however the application is not any more accessible to download in the UK.

Geometry Dash for iOS (iPhone) Download 2017 Version

Released in the year 2014, the game Geometry Dash was originally developed for Android users. Soon enough, this highly addictive and challenging game became so popular amongst players all around the world that the developers thought of releasing a version for window’s PC and iOS devices as well. While the android and windows pc versions of Geometry Dash was completely free to download and play, the iOS version of the game was a paid version. However, this did not stop the innumerable fans of Geometry Dash online from downloading the game and playing it over and over again.

Now, Geometry Dash for iOS is one of the most popular games over the app market. It has already been downloaded millions of times, and users from all over the world play this game every day and compete against each other, trying to beat each others high scores. Geometry Dash for iOS can be downloaded on any of your iOS devices, such as your Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

The system requirements for downloading Geometry Dash for iOS are:

  • A version of iOS 8.0 or higher
  • At least 84.04 MB of RAM to download the game
  • A memory or disk space of 100 MB to play the game
  • A working internet connection

This fast paced game is based on a sliding finger action gameplay. You can build your own character, customizing it as much as you like. This character is required to jump, hop, slide, dance and fly its way through the various challenges and obstacles throughout the game to reach the next levels. Each level has a different set of back ground music, visuals, art, obstacles and challenges. No two levels will ever feel the same. Use the controls on your screen to make your character defy gravity as they try to reach the end of the game.

The new, updated version of Geometry Dash for iOS features many more exciting features. Some of these are:

  1. All new exciting and challenging levels have been added
  2. You can add more customizations to your gaming character
  3. A new leader board system allows you to update and check your high scores and beat the high scores of your friends and other players
  4. A new messaging system between friends in the game
  5. A new level has been added called Fingerdash
  6. Spider mode has been added in the game
  7. New art and visuals to make your gaming experience even better
  8. Now unlock even more awards, achievements and rewards throughout the game
  9. New daily quests have been added so that you never get tired of playing Geometry Dash for iOS
  10. Create all new levels of your own using the feature of level editor. Now, try and beat your own high score or share the levels with your friends and try and beat each other’s high scores in Geometry Dash for iOS

One of the best parts of this game is that you can play all the levels in any order which you like. This means that you will never get tired of playing the same level over and over again. A highly addictive game, download it at your own risk! You will end up spending all your free time playing Geometry Dash for iOS. To download the game on your iOS devices, simply follow the simple instructions on the App Store, purchase the game by verifying your Apple ID and password, and let the game download on your iOS device. Now, you can sync up your gaming progress with all your other iOS devices so that you don’t lose any progress on the game. Keep playing and keep challenging yourself on Geometry Dash for iOS!